James Comey: If Trump Is Re-Elected-“Am Leaving America”


James Comey: If Trump Is Re-Elected-“Am Leaving America”,

On an interview with MSNBC host Nicole Wallace, corrupt and fired FBI Director James Comey revealed that he would move to his “new home” in New Zealand if President Donald Trump gets re-elected in 2020.

This comment by the former FBI director further proves his extreme political bias and vindicates President Trump’s decision to fire him.

However “There was recently a New York Times article — I don’t want to summarize it, but you are standing in your living room in the picture,” MSNBC’s Wallace started.

“You talk about your life and what you want for the country and for the end of this presidency.

Do you wanted it to come sooner thayn later?”


”I will be, from my new home in New Zealand, I will still believe in America.” james Comey said.

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Doubtful that you’ll be in New Zealand. But I’ll bet that you will be in GITMO where you deserve to be! You have done a great injustice to our country for covering up crimes that were committed by Obama’s administration.

Don’t you wish you had just done the job you were hired to do? The Deep State is going down so get ready for it.

You are not above the law. You played now pay!Hopefully he will be in prison before then. 2020 Comey and the rest…Especially Hillary.

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James Comey: If Trump Is Re-Elected-“Am Leaving America”,

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